Installation Instructions

Expert Help at your Fingertips

Willis at River Lighting works hand in hand with our clients to help make all your lighting decisions an easy one.  

Most projects are unique to your specific needs. Included below are many tools to choose a style, size and location that's right for you. Our fixtures are made to order, please do not hesitate to reach out with any additional questions.

Installation Instructions

Lost the instructions that came with your fixture? Haven't bought a fixture yet, but are curious what installation entails? You've come to the right place. Click the images to view full-size on your screen, and click the full-size version to download a printable PDF.

How to create a lighting template

This video will walk you through making a simple template for deciding on the size, shape and position of your lighting.

Downrod Pendant Lighting Positioning

Tips on how to determine TOTAL DROP for your custom light fixture. Whether it's over an island, over a seating area or elsewhere... this is an easy way to determine what's needed.

Choosing a Size for your Light Fixture

This video show how to determine what size fixture works best for your space. Included in this tutorial is how to make an easy cardboard template that can be helpful in deciding shape, proportion and positioning of your proposed lighting.

Pendant Lighting Positioning

Your specific space determines how to choose where to hang your light fixture. Specifics such as location, ceiling height, an individual's personal height, all come in to play in making the best decision for your space.

In this video, a simple template is used to figure out what would be best before your purchase is made.