The Story
It all started with my quest to buy quality handcrafted lighting fixtures for our home renovation project. All I really wanted was quality handcrafted lighting not the usual unoriginal store boxed fixtures. I had a brilliant idea, I had to find a way to handcraft these fixtures to my own specifications.

With my experience rewiring lamps, I figured with the right guidance I could make these custom fixtures myself. And so the journey began, I went to Doylestown PA, where I met Brad who gave me all the parts/guidance I needed to make my first few fabulous fixtures. Oh what joy I got out of making those fixtures, I was so engrossed and having such a fantastic time, I forgot it was work and the hours flew by like they were minutes. I found my passion and now my promise to you is to craft these fixtures for you with the same attention to detail and enthusiasm I had when I made those first fixtures.

  • Each fixture is handcrafted, made to order just for you.
  • Custom designed parts produce in America exclusively for Willis at River Lighting.
  • By using premium quality materials we can provide you with a superb fixture that uniquely reflects you.
  • Finishes that suit your space best at no extra charge to you.

The Work

My products feature custom-designed components that are created to my exacting standards and produced exclusively for Willis at River Lighting by home-grown American companies. Most importantly, all of my materials come back to my shop in fabulous Sullivan, County NY  where I personally design and hand-craft every piece, made to order just for you.