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The Story

The Michael Family

The Story
It all started with my quest to buy quality handcrafted lighting fixtures for our home renovation project. All I really wanted was quality handcrafted lighting not the usual unoriginal store boxed fixtures. I had a brilliant idea, I had to find a way to handcraft these fixtures to my own specifications.
With my experience rewiring lamps, I figured with the right guidance I could make these custom fixtures myself. And so the journey began, I went to Doylestown PA, where I met Brad who gave me all the parts/guidance I needed to make my first few fabulous fixtures. Oh what joy I got out of making those fixtures, I was so engrossed and having such a fantastic time, I forgot it was work and the hours flew by like they were minutes. I found my passion and now my promise to you is to craft these fixtures for you with the same attention to detail and enthusiasm I had when I made those first fixtures.
⦁ Each fixture is handcrafted, made to order just for you.
⦁ Custom designed parts produce in America exclusively for Willis at River Lighting.
⦁ By using premium quality materials we can provide you with a superb fixture that uniquely reflects you.
⦁ Finishes that suit your space best at no extra charge to you.

The Work

My products feature custom-designed components that are created to my exacting standards and produced exclusively for Willis at River Lighting by home-grown American companies. Most importantly, all of my materials come back to my shop in fabulous Sullivan, County NY  where I personally design and hand-craft every piece, made to order just for you.


The Maker

Brad Michael in the Lucent Lampworks shop in Bucks County, PA.

My name's Brad Michael, and Willis at River Lighting is my craft lighting company. I'm car-singing, bourbon-sipping, Excel-junkie quasi-artist type who's blessed to spend his days as a dad, husband, and creative tinkerer. You can typically find me in the shop, up to my eyeballs in custom-designed lighting components, rocking out to Led Zeppelin and thanking God for every day I get to spend doing what I love. Thank you for helping make my dream a reality. I couldn't do this without you.

The Team

Many would this as a one-guy operation. I design the lighting, I make the lighting, I ship the lighting, and I do lots of paperwork in between. For a long time, I thought I could do it all. My eureka moment happened years ago when I met the first person who would soon become an integral part of my business and my soon-to-be team. From that point on, I knew the key to success (and sanity) was finding talented, wonderful people t work alongside on this journey.

Sarah Ohme • Ohmeohmy Design

Branding & Graphic Design

Sarah is an awe-inspiring talent that has truly taken my fledgling brand from essentially a cocktail napkin sketch to what it is today. She sees things in design and the creative process that I would never see — she'll change 15 tiny things that I hadn't even noticed, and suddenly it'll all come together even better than I'd imagined. From typography to social branding and everything in between, I'm still amazed I get to work with her and call her a friend.

Stacy Salvatori Photography


I own a nice camera, and I like to think that I take nice pictures, but in reality, I take terrible pictures with a nice camera. This is where my good friend Stacy comes in. She's a true photography professional; I can't emphasize enough how much she's helped since she has been shooting my lighting. She loves God, loves her family, and truly loves her job. I'd say more how great she is, but I don’t want it to go to her head. (She also loves sarcasm.) ...Okay, fine: she's awesome.

Denise Darrell

Content Management

As my exposure on multiple sites grew, the need for consistency of my online content became a big concern. Denise jumped into this role with an amazing balance of online business sense and an exceptional appreciation for detail that made the transition flawless. She keeps all my sites fed with correct content as well being a driving force behind much of my daily social business exposure. Denise loves spending time with her family and one of the most generous and fun-loving people I know.


Chief Face Licker (CFL)

Every shop needs a dog. Ours is Kale (aka Shrimp Breath, Ball Breath, Crazy Pants, Skunk Belly). This is the only known photo of him without a squeaky tennis ball in his mouth.