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Which part of your home can you illuminated with a Modern Semi Flush Lighting Fixture?
Nov 09, 2020

Which part of your home can you illuminated with a Modern Semi Flush Lighting Fixture?

You can pick the style of shade for your Semi Flush fixture that best suits your space, be it a hand blow clear glass shade (shown below) or an opal or smoked glass blown glass shade, homespun drum burlap shade or metal shades the choice is yours. What shade will you choose for your space at www.willisatriver.com?
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Guide to Pendant Light Fixtures in your Home
Oct 07, 2020

Guide to Pendant Light Fixtures in your Home

Lighting is a really important part of every room in your home. Here we will cover Pendant Light Fixtures and a little guidance on how they should be installed. 

What is pendant lighting?

A pendant light is sometimes referred to as a wire hung light. These are singular modern ceiling light fixtures that hang from the ceiling. Pendant lights are usually suspended by cord, or a rod. Pendant lights can be used for both ambient lighting as well as task lighting. Often hung with one or more additional pendants, these fixtures come in a variety of hardware choices including Satin Brass, Antique Brass, Satin Nickel, Oil Rubbed Bronze and Black.  Please take a look at www.willisatriver.com for all your lighting needs. 

Below, we’ll guide you on how to hang pendant lights in various rooms in your home.

Entrance doorway

If you hang a pendant light above an entrance doorway it will be a great addition to your foyer, entrance hall. This Pendant light will be a warm welcoming glow to greet your guest when they walk into your home. If you do decide to hang a pendant light in your foyer, please be sure that the base of the shade is around 5-6” above the top of your entrance door.

Above a dining room table

A pendant light would be wonderful over your dining table. It will provide you with beautiful lighting and depending on what shade you choose will add class and style to your space. When you hang your fixture over a dining room table please be sure that the fixture is 30–32” above your dining table. Depending on the width of your table you have a choice to pick a shade that would be about ¾ the size of the tables width.


Pendant lights are just a perfect fixture to add to any kitchen. They will provide you with task lighting which is so helpful when you are prepping and cooking food in your kitchen. If you decide to use pendant lighting above your counters tops or above your kitchen island, please be sure the base of each shade is 30–36-inches above your counter top surface.

How to space your Pendant Lights on a Kitchen Island 

2 pendant lights

If you decide you would like to hang two pendant lights in your kitchen, the following spacing will work and they will look perfect and will be aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

You will want to be sure to have a space of 18” between each of the suspended wires.

3 pendant lights

When you have more than two pendants, you can use this simple equation to figure out the distance between your pendant lights:

 (Kitchen Island) ÷ (The Number of Pendants you plan on using + 1). Let use an 8’ kitchen island countertop and 3 pendants light fixtures. Divide the length of island by 4 (three pendant lights + one) 8÷(3+1)=2. The best spacing for this would be two feet between each pendant light’s wire.

4 pendant lights

We will use the same equation as we used for 3 Pendant Lights just increase the number of pendant lights. The kitchen island's length 8’ and divide that by the number of pendants + one (4+1 = 5). 8 ÷ 5 = 1’ 6’. The best spacing here would be 18” between each pendant light.

Above a nightstand in your Bedroom 

Yes a pendant light can provide the perfect lighting for your bedroom if you hang above your nightstand/bedside locker.  If you think a pendant light would be a good fit for your bedroom instead of a sconce or lamp. please be sure the base of your shade is approximately 18 to 22” above the top of your nightstand   This would give you ample space to store items on top of your nightstand

home decor, visit Willisatriver.com

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Handmade Light Pendants: The New-Style Statement for your Home
Aug 08, 2020

Handmade Light Pendants: The New-Style Statement for your Home

Pendant lighting is a distinct way to add class and sophistication to your space. When it comes to pendant lighting, nothing can beat a handmade light pendant.

A handmade pendant light is a light fixture that is mounted to a ceiling and hangs down from a ceiling. Handmade pendants add instant style and upgrade to any room. Apart from illuminating spaces, it adds chic to indoor spaces and adds a cohesive look.

When it comes to choosing handmade pendants, there are a multitude of options. When thinking of selecting pendant lighting, do not miss checking into semi flush light fixtures in a Satin nickel finish.

Have a glance at these pendants and make up your mind in choosing the right one.

  • Semi-flush light fixture

This semi flush fixture provide a protrusion for an eye-catching appeal. These fixtures can be called as a middle ground between the flush-mount ceiling light and the chandelier. To add an excellent combination of style to your space, these lights are a must. These are the most commonly used lighting fixtures that you can see in many homes. They are versatile, require less space, and come in wide array of style and options.

A Semi-flush fixture is perfect for small spaces and rooms with lower ceilings. When this fixture is suspended, it leaves a small gap between the celing and the installation. This gap provides an uplift effect and provides direct downward light.

  • Satin Nickel pendant lighting

Another elegant lighting fixture that you cannot stop gazing at is a Satin Nickel pendant fixture. If you are the pickiest shopper, Satin Nickel pendant lighting can be an outstanding option for you.

Pendant lighting is a light fixture that hangs from the ceiling, usually with a metal rod, chain, or cord. You can find these fixtures over kitchen counterparts, dinette sets, bathrooms, living rooms, halls and any other room you choose in your home.

Pendant lighting is ideal for a room that needs specific and task-oriented lighting. When hung from the centre of the ceiling, it provides enough light and creates ample lighting.

Pendants are thoughtfully designed for illuminating the space. You can   changed the mood of the room just by adding a pendant fixture.

These pendants fixtures are thoughtfully designed for illuminating your space. You can attain an ample range of styles from classic to contemporary. Transform the mood of the room by choosing the best    light fixtures for your home. 

You will find a wide assortment of design styles at Willisatriver.com .

The light pendants are thoughtfully designed for illuminating the space. You can attain an ample range of styles from classic to contemporary. Transform the mood of the room by choosing the best light pendants for your room.

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What to Consider While Purchasing Lighting Fixtures Online
Aug 07, 2020

What to Consider While Purchasing Lighting Fixtures Online

When you are scrolling through your social networking accounts, and see some sponsored feed about fantastic deals on the lighting fixtures online USA? We agree that often these offers could tempt us to put that startling beauty in our shopping carts. But, what about the finishes, material used, colours or the size being too enormous for your space? Well, when you consider the above-mentioned, putting the lighting fixture in your bag can be no less than a big gamble. Moreover, it is seen that plenty of times we purchase a thing that isn’t the right fit in our decor. 


And, what happens next? We are doomed to be annoyed. We may lose hope in buying the right lighting fixtures. But do not fret as we present you with some tips you can go through when purchasing items online.

  • Know the company inside out- Whenever you make a purchase online, you don’t just invest their products but you are putting a share in the company. And, in such a scenario you want to know the company you are buying a product from is reliable & will not waste your time. There are thousands of companies selling their products online and the majority of them have attractive offers, meant to loop in the customers. This is where you thoroughly read the company website, their shipping policies, their products variants, materials used etc.
  • Analyzing the product according to the requirement- Once you have read about the company, here comes the important points to take into consideration before making a purchase. The aforementioned points are as follows-
    1. Space you need to put a decor light in- Is it an empty space or you have to move things a little.
    2. Whether or not the product purchased will complement the current furniture’s tone.

  • Handcrafted or ready to be placed lighting- Both of them have their pros and cons, but you will have an upper hand if you choose to invest in a handcrafted piece of lighting. 

If you have made your mind, and need to know the right company who can provide you with the handcrafted lighting fixtures such as- drum light flush mount then look no further and trust Willis at River Lighting. It is a name that offers its customers with a choice to choose their hardware, customize the lighting fixtures and get a personalized shipping optioned at no extra cost. 

About Willis at River Lighting-

Willis at River Lighting is the name that can provide you with the beautiful handcrafted satin nickel light fixtures at amazing prices.

For more information, please visit Willisatriver.com.

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