How to Enhance the Ambiance of your Living Room with Handcrafted Pendant Lights & Sconces

Lighting is a fundamental aspect of any space and can influence how everything else looks, including the color of the walls to how your surrounding look. Your living room is unlike other rooms in your home in that it may have many different purposes, you living room can be used for watching TV , doing homework, reading, playing board games or entertaining your guests.  Therefore it is important to prepare your lighting design in advance and consider all the light sources that you may need, regardless of whether it is wall light over the  sofa, or an eye-catching handmade pendant lights to illuminate the entire room. If you're ready to take your lighting to the next stage, explore these brilliant lighting ideas for your living room that will enhance and beautify your space.

Looking for the right pendant light & Sconce pairing

With a handcrafted pendant light in a Satin nickel hardware finish with hand blown opal schoolhouse glass shade is sure to give your living room a feeling of harmony and symmetry.


Sculptural Sconces to match your pendant lighting

Sconces are an excellent addition to any living room; you can place one or even two on an open wall or over a sofa, reading table, whatever your preference.  Try a pair of sconces in the same finish as your pendant lights, satin nickel finished hardware with a hand blown glass shade to lighten up your living room, or go for a minimalist look with a solo sconce fixture.

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